About Danny’s Pizza and Hoagies

Established in 1960 by Daniel Rowsick Sr., Danny’s Pizza and Hoagies has been a staple of the south hills community for over 60 years. Danny’s Pizza is one of the oldest and longest standing tenants on Route 88. Operating out of the original building that once stood next to the South Park Drive Inn, Danny’s offers Pittsburgh’s Original Oven Baked Hoagie made the same for more than 60 years and passed down directly from the founder to the current owners.

A family run business since its inception, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way and not compromising on the quality of our products even after all these years. We look forward to being a pillar of the south hills area for years to come.

Left to Right: Founder Daniel Rowsick Sr. with Owner and Nephew Alexander Hvizdos on reopening day of Danny’s Pizza and Hoagies August 15, 2019